Personal Trainer Qualifications

by admin on February 16, 2012

Careers in personal training have lately gained immense popularity due to more awareness on the need for exercising for better health. Here’s how to become a personal trainer

Shape your personality traits

It takes much more than being physically fit to be a personal trainer. Having important personal traits like good communication skills will make your work easier, making you more efficient. Patience, listening skills and motivation abilities are other traits that one can gain by personal practice.

Personal Trainer Qualifications

It’s deeply vital to be knowledgeable, in the subject of training. This not only hones your skills but also boosts your clients trust in your training abilities. Getting certification from accredited and widely known institutions of training is the answer to having a career as a personal trainer.

Qualifications needed

One needs certification from an accredited and widely known and certification organization. This not only increases your knowledge and skills in your career but also boosts clients trust on your training abilities.

Seek the experience

Once you have the certification it’s important to go out there and look for opportunities to train and gain experience in your career. This can be achieved by looking for jobs as a trainer in the right places like fitness clubs or gyms. Another way available would be establishing your own fitness centre as a trainer.

The first step towards becoming a professionally qualified personal trainer is ensuring that the training provider is registered and genuine.  This is paramount because if you get your personal trainer’s skills from an institution which is not recognised, then the training will be futile because you won’t have qualified to be a professional personal trainer. Hence it is important to do a background check before enrolling in any institution to be trained as a personal trainer.

Besides having trained in a recognised institution, a genuine personal trainer should also be a member of a recognised professional group.  This is because a personal trainer who is not in any regulating group comes up with their own rules and conditions which might be harmful to the client. But a personal trainer who is a member of a recognized group gets stipulated guidelines in which to follow and hence maintains high levels of integrity.

A competent and qualified personal trainer should also possess sharp assessment skills. This is because the trainers have to critically examine the client’s weakness, strength and health fitness. A wrong judgment by an unqualified personal trainer can be dangerous and result to fatal accidents.  Thus it is important for the personal trainers to be sure and accurate while making their clients’ assessment to avoid misjudgements.

As a qualification to becoming a competent personal trainer, individuals should also be knowledgeable in other health fields. These fields include; exercise prescription, health screening, nutrition and testing protocol.   Knowledge in these areas comes in handy when a client has some special health conditions. Consequently the trainer will know how the condition is handled and hence recommend the appropriate routines.  Furthermore, the trainers can apply their nutritional knowledge to advice their clients on what to eat so as to achieve their fitness targets. Hence it’s paramount for competent personal trainer to poses ample knowledge in all the relevant and related fields.

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